Monday, February 2, 2009

Gear to Get You Going

Let talk gear that’s not going to break the bank but will help you reach your fitness and weight loss goals.

Water Bottle: Now is the time to get a good water bottle and take it with every were you go. It is recommended that we drink 8 glasses of water a day, that is 64 oz of water each day which can be really difficult to get if we are not consistently trying. Water also aids in weight loss – water is a natural appetite suppressant and developing a good water drinking habit can help in achieving and maintaining a healthy body weight. In fact being dehydrated can make it harder to lose weight. So which water bottle do you buy? That depends on what you like so it is best to take a trip to your local sporting goods store to see what is available. However, if you’re looking for a bottle that you can keep on your desk day in and day out, that is BPA-free (BPA is a compound found in some plastic that is considered to be hazardous to humans) and affordable, check out these two options.

Hint: Look for a bottle that is 32oz, that way you only have to fill it twice a day and you have had your 64oz, even better fill it with ice water and burn an extra 70 Calories.

Lunch Boxes: Often we find our selves grabbing a quick bite from a fast food restaurant or running to the vending machine for lunch. However, we can take control of our calories and make better food choices when it comes to lunch time. The key to being successful when it comes to lunch it to plan ahead: before you go to the grocery store make a list and make sure you add lunches to the list, then be sure to make your lunch the night before – this will save you time in the morning and money in the long run! The great thing is lunch boxes are no longer just for kids there are tons of new options that promote healthy eating and are inexpensive. Now is the time to do some Internet shopping and get yourself a new cool lunch container to aid you in your weight loss goals. You have to eat to lose weight!

Snack Baggies: Healthy snacks are vial to the weigh loss process; however, too much snacking can quickly become a bad thing. That is why the little snack baggies (half the size of a sandwich bag) are the perfect tool for healthy snacking, they hold just the right amount to give you a good 100 calorie snack but not so much that you over indulge. You can find these great little baggies in any grocery store and you may want to pick up a box.

Snack Ideas (100 Calories):
¼ cup raisins
28 grapes
1 cup blueberries
25 baby carrots
48 pretzel sticks
6 dried apricots
20 pickle slices
2 Tbs. pumpkin seeds
20-24 Almonds (160 Calories)
45-47 Pistachios (170 Calories)
Banana – medium
Low fat string cheese (check Calories)

Hint: Make your snack baggies for the rest of the week on Sunday and then only take what you need for the day with you.

Workout Tunes: Lets face it, exercise is much more enjoyable when you’re rocking out to good music. Unfortunately not all of our favorite music is going to get us pumped up and motivated during our workouts - there is nothing like a slow song to zap our energy. So, whether you use an iPod, Zune, diskman, walkman, or 8-track get a good exercise mix that will keep you motivated and enjoying your workout. If you need some help putting one together you’re in luck there is lots of suggestions just a click away – Google “workout music playlist” or “exercise music playlist” and have fun constructing your personal exercise album. You may also want to check out iTunes and other online music sellers, often they have exercise mixes available.

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