Thursday, February 5, 2009


During the 1st weigh-in we received questions regarding many different topics and one of the questions we receive was regarding caffeine and how to quit.

Caffeine is one of those substances that has successfully infiltrated everyday life. In fact it is estimated that in North America between 80% - 90% of adults and children regularly consume caffeine. Caffeine is found in everything from coffee, tea, and soda to chocolate, gum, and even bottled water. While it has not been proven that caffeine causes significant life-threatening risks such as cancer and heart disease it has been linked to several health issues such as: increase in hypertension risk, decrease of liver function, tooth decay, addiction, anxiety, disrupted sleep habits, as well as interfering with weigh loss and decreased libido. While caffeine may not be something that you want or plan to quit it is wise to be educated regarding the amount you are consuming and possible side effects.

For more information follow this link:

If you're interested in quitting or reducing your caffeine consumption you may find these links helpful. They discuss different ways to quit caffeine and what you can expect.

If your looking for an alternative to the soda/carbonation that you crave. Check out Cascade Ice Sparking Water - with 2 to 4 calories a serving, no caffeine and flavors like Wild Berry, Pomegranate Berry, Raspberry Black Currant, Key Line, Lemonade, and Pink Grapefruit, you can have a treat without falling off the wagon.

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