Friday, May 22, 2009

Rethinking Vacation

Have you ever considered planning a vacation that involved physical activity and outdoor recreation? Well we happen to live in one of the greatest outdoor recreation areas in the world where there is more to do then you can even imagine. This year rethink vacation, plan something that will get you out a moving, that is challenging, and most importantly something that you will enjoy. If outdoor recreation type vacations are new to you, that's okay, there are options for every activity and skill level.

Here are a few outdoor vacation ideas to get you thinking:
River Rafting
Fishing -June 6th is Free Fishing Day
Geo Caching -
Rock Climbing
Horseback Riding
Water skiing/Wake boarding
Cliff Jumping

Now if you are not ready to set out on a 4 day backpacking trip through the Uinta Mountains, that is OK! The whole idea is to look for new vacation ideas that will get you out and keep you moving. So maybe you don't camp, the whole sleeping on the ground thing is just not for you, but you would love to get into hiking, there are hundreds of great trails with in driving distance of your house and if your up for hiking in Southern Utah there are great inexpensive hotels! Just get out and get moving and the more you do the more fun outdoor activities you will find to do.

Other Resources:

If you would like to try an outdoor vacation/activity but don't have the equipment you can rent most of what you need for a small fee. Check out REI - both the Utah locations rent equipment!

Sandy REI
230 W. 106000 S.

Salt Lake City REI
3285 E. 3300 S.

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