Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Biggest Losers Are!!

The Contest has come to an end and the winners were announced Saturday, May 2nd at the Linda Butters Memorial Fun Run! It was a wet but fun day - if you were not able to make it to the run here are the winners!

Men's Biggest Loser
Worth McCleery 40lbs
Men's 7-10%
Jeremy Stroup 25lbs
Hal Lewis 22lbs
Men's 1-6%
David DeBry 13lbs
Lane Clark 19lbs

Women's Biggest Loser
Cheryl Simpson 35lbs

Women's 7-10%
Mary Jo Ballou 16lbs
Kelsey Clark 21lbs
Women's 1-6%
Susan Plouzek 2lbs
Mary Erickson 7lbs

Congratulations to the Biggest Losers and those that won the drawings!


  1. Wow, that is amazing, congratulations to those who won, and to all of us who stuck it through. Lets keep getting healthy!!

  2. Thank you for hosting this. I lost 16 lbs about 7% and excited to continue my weight loss journey. Saturday was my first 5K and I am contemplating doing another. I even past my expectations I thought it would take me an hour and I ran/walked in about 45 minutes.

    I glad to hear this is an annual event I have a long journey a head of me and look forward to joining next year's contest.

    Suggestions for improvement: The first night I was expecting to have all the contestants meet and then split off for rotations to have our glucose, cholestrol and so forth measured. I would wish there was communications on what to expect. I would have liked to have weekly discussions on what went well and tips to improve. I enjoyed the Total Health and Fintess Lectures the first 4 times- but after that it became the same information. I like the weekly reminder email. However, thank you as this was a great experience for me.

    ~Marie Gourley