Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Reward Yourself!

So we have come to the end and you deserve a reward for all of your hard work and success over the last few months. Rewards are extremely important when it comes to weight loss and keeping your motivation going long term. But what should you use as a reward? Food? Maybe Not! However, here are a few ideas to get you thinking about possible rewards.

-Go to the movies (but pack your own healthy treats)

-Get a pedicure/manicure

-Get a Massage

-Buy a new piece of clothing (to fit your new size)

-Rent a movie and have a lazy afternoon

-Buy a new cookbook or cooking utensils

-Gift your self something in the spirit of your new lifestyle: vegetable/rice steamer, smoothie maker, grill pan, etc.

- Get new workout clothes or running/walking shoes

-Buy new music

-Spend an evening papering yourself: take a bubble bath, read a book, etc.

-Go out dancing

-Buy a new swim suit

-Buy new exercise equipment: hand weights, heart rate monitor, body ball, etc.

-Buy a new tool for the garage

-Go for a weekend get away

Now it is also the time to incorporate rewards into your plan if you have not done so already. Set goals and then give yourself a reward after you achieve each one (i.e. for every 7 lb weight loss I get a pedicure). It may also be helpful to set one really big reward for when you have achieved all your goals. For example once you hit your ideal weight take that trip you have been planning forever, save and purchase a new wardrobe for the new you, buy a large piece of exercise equipment to help keep yourself healthy, etc.

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