Friday, April 10, 2009

Change Up Your Friday/Date Night!

The cliche dinner-and-a-movie gets old after a while, not to mention it is not always great for you healthy eating/weight loss plan. So, this Friday/Date Night try something new and active for a change. Here are a few ideas to get you thinking:

1. Mini-golf : no matter what your skill level putt-putt golf is a great activity that will keep you on your feet while enjoying the outdoors.

2. Dancing: whether your a fan of two stepping, line dancing, waltzing, or disco, dancing is a great activity that will keep you moving and burning extra calories. If your not comfortable getting your grove on in public crank up some music dance around the house!

Country Line Dancing -

Learn to Tango -

Ballroom Dancing -

Salsa Lessons -

Studio 600 (smoke & alcohol free) -

For more dancing resources click HERE!

3. Play Catch: Use whatever you have on hand - a football, baseball, Frisbee, pillow, etc. and find your way to a local park (to burn even more calories walk to the park).

4. Bowling: Take the whole family along for a little 10 pin action. Bowling is great exercise (3 games) and if you go on a off night (Sunday - Thursday) you can save money!

5. Hunt for Hidden Treasure: Geocaching is a fun pursuit for all. It involves walking, hiking, clues and hidden treasure. Visit to get started!

6. Play Like a Kid: Hit the park for a game of tag, red light green light, bocce ball, or swing on the swings and race around the jungle gym!

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