Friday, April 9, 2010

Weigh Biggest Loser Poll

Hey Everyone,
Last night the Healthy West Jordan Committee met and discussed the possibility of doing a few follow up weigh ins after the contest ends. We want to encourage all the participants in the Weigh Biggest Loser contest to either maintain or continue to lose weight after the contest ends. Therefore, we are considering holding three follow up weigh ins: one at 3 months, one at 6 months and one at 9 months. We would like your feedback to know if this is something the participants in the contest are interested in. We have also discussed the possibility of offering prizes to participants that maintain or lose more weight after the contest ends. We have placed a poll on the blog and would like you to all vote. The poll is located in the lefthand column above the weekly prize winners. The poll will close on 4/27/10 at 8:00am. So, cast your vote now! You can also post comments and feedback at the bottom of this blog post!


Also...Make sure you wear your Weigh Biggest Loser T-Shirt during the Linda Buttars Memorial Fun Run on May 1st. 


  1. Both Kelly and Cozi Ferree would ike the follow up. We could not weigh in on Tuesday due to a famliy emergency so that means we have missed 3 weigh ins. We know we don't qualify for prizes or winner positions but we would like to follw up if possible

  2. yes that would be great

  3. I think this is a wonderful idea!

  4. That would be a great idea