Monday, March 29, 2010

Exercise and Bosu Balls

Have you ever used a Exercise Ball or Bosu Ball?

These two wonderful pieces of equipment are simple, lightweight and provide a large variety of different exercises. These little tools a not only great for strengthening and toning your core muscles but all muscle groups. They are also very effective in improving balance. Another benefit of using a exercise ball and or bosu ball is that the are low impact, meaning they are easy of joints and bones but also provides great results. You can work all major muscle groups using a exercise ball or bosu ball.

Bosu balls in particular are great because you get a lot the same benefits as you would using an exercise ball but you have a little more stability because it has one side that is flat. Another amazing thing about using a bosu is that you can use the bosu to do a lot of the same exercises you can do on an aerboic step bench. I love the bosu ball because it is easier on joints, bones, and feet than a tradional step bench. It is also great for increasing balance. The bosu ball can also be turned over so the flat side is up and you can do an additional variety of exercises that can continue to build muscle and increase stability.

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