Sunday, January 19, 2014

Fruit & Veggie Challenge Starts TOMORROW!

Tomorrow (Monday, January 20th) will be the start of the first of three health challenges during the WBL Contest. Completing this 4 week challenge will enter you into the raffle drawing for a prize of $50. 

The Fruit and Veggie Challenge is designed to encourage you incorporate fruits and vegetables into your diet and daily life. Track the number of servings you eat per day. Depending on the average number of servings per day will determine how many entries you will have into the raffle at the end of the 4 week challenge.

84-139 Total or Average of 3-5 servings fruit/veggies per day - 1 raffle ticket
140-195 Total or Average of 5-7 servings fruit/veggies per day - 2 raffle tickets
196-252 Total or Average 7-9 servings fruit/veggies per day - 3 raffle tickets

*Disclaimer: Eating fruits and vegetables is necessary for great health, but be sure to ease into this program if your body is not used to having 5 to 9 servings a day. A rapid increase in the consumption of fruits and vegetables can cause bloating, gas, digestive problems, cramping, and loose stools. 

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