Friday, March 13, 2015

Exercise Hydration

Goals of Hydration

  • Begin exercise well hydrated by drinking fluids during the day and within the hour before the exercise session.
  • Replace sweat losses by drinking fluids regularly during exercise.
  • Rehydrate after exercise to replace weight lost as fluid during exercise.
  • Follow a personalized fluid replacement plan to prevent the consequences of excessive (greater than 2% body weight loss) dehydration such as early fatigue, cardiovascular stress, increased risk of heat illness, and decreased performance.
Fluids Surrounding Exercise
  • For short duration (less than 60 minutes), low to moderate intensity activity, water is a good choice to drink before, during, and after exercise.
  • Sport drinks (6-8% carbohydrate) are good options for moderate to high intensity activity lasting longer than 60 minutes, especially when the goal includes replacing carbohydrate and electrolytes.
  • For those who experience high sodium losses during exercise, eat salty foods in a pre-exercise meal or add salt to sports drinks consumed during exercise.
  • Rehydrate following exercise by drinking enough fluid (water or sports drinks) to replace fluid lost during exercise. Replace fluid and sodium losses with watery foods that contain salt (soup, vegetable juice). Replace fluid and potassium losses by consuming fruits and vegetables.
American Dietetic Association

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